Mimic real-world processes to assess and develop new ways of working

Simulation is a close-up virtual examination of a process. Perfect for in-depth analysis of a single process, simulation is similar to creating a digital twin at a smaller scale. Simulation aids in experimentation, iteration and prototyping by mimicking the existing or proposed process and providing data to demystify deployment in the real world. It’s also an excellent solution when testing the real-world process would cause risk to life or damage to equipment.

Completely reproducing existing or proposed systems in the digital space helps avoid downtime, prove concepts before investing in physical solutions and provides a window into the future of systems like manufacturing, utilities, logistics and more.

Simulating efficiency in manufacturing can reduce labour hours by up to 30%

Benefits of mixed reality training

  • Faster iteration and testing
  • Cheaper and more efficient production
  • Test dangerous factors without risk to equipment or staff
  • Prototype cheaply and quickly

Test and create freely

Simulation lets you take existing products, systems and processes and test them in different conditions without risk or excessive cost. You can fit simulations into your existing systems, including digital twins. Simulation is the perfect way to isolate a specific part of your product or process and test it exhaustively before putting it into action or production in the physical world.
Business benefits of simulation
Refine and test products and processes digitally to create newer, better versions in the real world.
Speed up prototyping
Iterate and test multiple processes or changes simultaneously, without the need for new physical prototypes.
Save money
Cheaper testing is easy with simulation - iterate multiple versions of a process or product simultaneously before starting production.

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