3D product and object rendering

Sell products, places and services better in 3D

We create photorealistic digital replicas of existing or upcoming products, objects and spaces in 3D. 3D product rendering is the perfect way for audiences to experience the functionality and benefits of a product well before it is released.

3D renders allow much greater freedom than traditional video or photography, getting up close to objects and even inside them, highlighting features, materials, functions and more.

Product renders are perfect for adding to videos, presenting in augmented, mixed or virtual reality and testing design iterations digitally as simulations or digital twins.

Speed up 3D production with photogrammetry

Photogrammetry is the fastest, most cost-effective way to create true-to-life digital twins at almost any scale. Using our combination of mini-rigs, full scale human scanning and drone-based photogrammetry, we can reproduce any real-world 3D object from a tiny cake to a huge building or landscape in perfect accuracy, ready to add to an XR experience.

Perfect 3D recreations for webAR is ideal for helping consumers ‘try before they buy’ from home, broadening the online shopping experience.

Tap or click the images below to view examples in webAR on your mobile device.

Benefits of photogrammetry

  • Fast, accurate recreation of 3D objects
  • Recreate objects of any size

Object scale

Human scale

World scale

Photogrammetry FAQ

Photogrammetry is a faster, more cost-effective option to recreate existing objects in 3D. If you already have a real-world object but don’t have an accurate 3D model, this is the perfect solution.

It’s great at capturing the nuances and subtle details of objects that often don’t emerge in traditional 3D modelling. Natural, flexible textures like fabric, tree bark, stains and marks on stone are captured in perfect detail, producing organic, real-looking 3D objects and scenes.

If you have 3D technicians in house, or want to have the raw photographic files alongside 3D content to use in future, we can provide them.

Motion capture animation

Faster, more accurate and cheaper than traditional animation, motion capture allows us to incorporate realistic human motion into the XR space. In a fraction of the time take for traditional animations, we can have 3D models rigged and animated for almost any use.

Use it to bring characters to life in full 3D – it’s a perfect solution to realistic 3D gaming, creating digital actors and presenters to view in AR and VR, and for any use case where engaging, personal human interactions are needed. The technology is a great addition to true-to-life photogrammetry characters.

Benefits of motion capture

  • Faster than traditional animation
  • Accurate and detailed motion
  • Cost-effective

Motion Capture FAQ

Mocap is faster, more accurate and more detailed than traditional animation. What would normally take weeks and be a significant financial investment to animate can be created in a matter of days.

We can scale our services to your requirements – we’re able to provide the technology and technicians to capture your scenes in perfect detail, leaving the rest to you.

We can do it all – we can hire actors, create props, storyboard and script scenes and manage the entire process start to finish.

How 3D modelling benefits brands
Prototype, visualise and iterate designs for products, buildings and more.
Visualise and prototype
Save money and time during the development of products and spaces, helping iron out the visual and structural kinks before production.
Create digital twin visualisations
Replicate real-world objects, buildings and more to create intuitive and accurate iterative testing environments.

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