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Immersive tech makes marketing better

Industry and manufacturing is accelerating like never before. The new Industrial Revolution is well underway. Driven by new connectivity technologies – AI, machine learning, the cloud, digital twins, simulation and XR – the blending of digital and physical is creating a newer, better, more efficient version of the industries of the past.

MAADIGITAL is a team of experts at the cutting edge of industrial technologies, delivering bespoke solutions that provide efficiency and cost improvements across vital sectors.

MAADIGITAL's marketing solutions

Immersive landscapes

Preview real-world applications of architecture, design and construction in-situ

Adding digital content to real-world spaces lets you share your vision with customers and members of the public.

Developed to help visualise in-development architectural projects, immersive landscapes helps the public preview exciting new landscape features and can be accessed on almost any internet-connected device with a camera.

It’s also a perfect solution for immersive art installations, facts about the local environment, digital art installations and more.


The power of augmented reality without an app

Engage your customers with augmented reality that launches straight from the web browser in any modern smart device.

webAR is the easiest, quickest and most intuitive way to communicate immersively with your customers, clients or employees.

3D product rendering

Sell products, places and services better in 3D

We create photorealistic digital replicas of existing or upcoming products, objects and spaces in 3D.

Product renders are perfect for adding to videos, presenting in augmented, mixed or virtual reality and testing design iterations digitally as simulations or digital twins.

Immersive trails

Immersive magic, everywhere

letsARgo brings the world around you to life through the magic of augmented reality. Experience the world like never before on captivating augmented reality trails near you. What will you discover?

Download the free app and start exploring – more trails are added all the time so there are always brand new AR wonders to discover. Learn, play, discover and enjoy the augmented world around you with letsARgo.

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