Immersive landscapes

Preview real-world applications of architecture, design and construction in-situ

Adding digital content to real-world spaces lets you share your vision with customers and members of the public.

Developed to help visualise in-development architectural projects, immersive landscapes helps the public preview exciting new landscape features and can be accessed on almost any internet-connected device with a camera.

It’s also a perfect solution for immersive art installations, facts about the local environment, digital art installations and more.

Benefits of immersive landscapes

  • Add markers with immersive content – video, images, text and more
  • Increase public comfort and knowledge of new building projects
  • Educate and inform users about the world around them

Immersive landscapes in three easy steps

Immersive landscapes are a simple, intuitive and accessible way to show off what’s on the horizon. Users only have to take three steps to access the augmented reality immersive content:

 Find the QR codes placed at specific real-world locations

 Scan the QR code using the camera on any modern internet-enabled device

 View and interact with the 360° immersive scene

Add even more to explore

Got more to say? Add extra content to your immersive landscape scene to show and tell your users more.

Show off with info panels, images, video content, interactive maps, before and after shots, weather, soundscapes and more, creating deeply immersive and engaging experiences without the need for headsets or advanced devices.

Business benefits of immersive landscapes​
Demonstrate new projects intuitively to any member of the public or stakeholder with a smart device and an internet connection. Demonstrate your value, show your impact and credentials all in one easy package.
Ease of access
Almost anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can use immersive landscapes. They’re hosted on the web with no need to download an app to get involved.
Multiple content formats
Add text, images, videos and other content touch points to enhance the experience and demonstrate value.
Intuitive immersive environments
Immersive landscapes are easy to use – scan the QR code and go, then move the device around to look at the immersive world around you in a natural, easy to understand way.
Fully trackable
In-depth data lets you see how often your immersive landscape is launched, which locations are the most popular and more.

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