The power of augmented reality without an app

Augmented reality is more popular than ever – mobile users interact with it daily without even realising, using filters on social media, measuring their home for a new sofa and finding digital characters to capture in the real world.

Engage your customers with augmented reality that launches straight from the web browser in any modern smart device, no app required. webAR 3D objects synchronise with the real world – often by devices recognising and mapping them to the floor or a flat surface – using the device’s camera. The camera is also used to recognise conditions like lighting which help the object blend in. It’s the easiest, quickest and most intuitive way to communicate immersively with your customers, clients or employees.

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Brand benefits of webAR
Simplify augmented reality for immediate and powerful immersive experiences on any modern device.
Ease of access
Any up-to-date smartphone with an internet connection and a camera can access webAR experiences.
Easy to share
Share web links or use QR codes to launch webAR experiences quickly and easily from the web browser on phones or tablets.

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