Braun Beard Diagnostic Tool app



  • iOS and Android app
  • Custom hardware
  • Multi-language
  • Intuitive CMS
  • Data retrieval

Digital tools for beard experts

Braun beard care consultants are experts. They provide the best skin and hair care tools, techniques and products for men’s beards.

The consultants work in-store so they can interact directly with the Braun customer base. They have limited time and space to provide specialist care and product advice. Until now, they have used a large iPad app with a range of peripherals to analyse beard hair.

Store real-estate and consumer attention are waning.  As such, it has become vital to provide a faster, more compact option with advanced analysis and data retrieval capabilities.

The ultimate, compact solution

Braun asked us to take their beard diagnostic tool from clunky to compact, so MAADIGITAL created an Android and iOS mobile app. The app can be used on the consultants’ own devices.

We combined it with a specialist 10x macro zoom lens, meaning powerful consultation and analysis became quicker and easier, helping customers to choose the right products then and there.

  • In use across 78 countries by over 1000 consultants
  • Available in 12 languages

The app includes the ability to capture and analyse data on beard growth direction, density, hair thickness, skin issues and general issues resulting from shaving. This information makes it easy to choose a shaver that will take care of them all.

To top off the consultation, the app allows the customer to capture a summary of their own data to take away.

  • Custom data recall to compare geographic regions

How data analysis benefits Braun beard consultants

Braun, as one of the biggest personal care brands on the planet, has to ensure it has an edge over the competition. Like never before, it is possible to capture and analyse data and use it to influence decisions like product development, regional releases, and future technologies.

While their consultants are on the ground capturing data, analysts can begin to piece together the issues shavers face. Sometimes beard issues will differ by region or nationality. If beard direction varies in Germany, there are skin problems in Japan, or if hair density is unexpectedly high across mainland Europe, Braun will be able to act on that information to improve their products and services.

Using a dashboard built into MAADIGITAL’s Singlepoint Control system, Braun can make cognitive leaps more easily than ever before.

Sharing the diagnostic tool with Braun consultants worldwide

To help get Braun consultants excited about the new range of tools and techniques they can access, Braun needed a ‘wow’ video – a succinct, engaging animation featuring everything the diagnostic tool can do, and a demo video to show it all in action.

Using bold, arresting 3D, we created a short animated video to get staff at Braun pumped up and ready to experiment with the Beard Diagnostic Tool.

Vicky, Colin, and the team have been outstanding in developing our unique diagnosis app - strong ownership, clear strategic thinking, great execution, and agility.