Building Reg the Hedge’s Animal Antics for The Alnwick Garden



The Alnwick Garden

Creating a fun animal trail for Reg the Hedge at The Alnwick Garden

To help celebrate the TechNExt festival and summer at Alnwick Garden, we created a fun augmented reality experience hosted on letsARgo, the home of immersive trails.

Kids and families alike are invited to help Reg the Hedge, the Alnwick Garden hedgehog find his nine missing animal friends, hidden around the garden ready to pop up in augmented reality and say hello.

Creating Reg the Hedge

Before the project began, Reg the Hedge only existed as a 2D cartoon, used on signs, posters and more around the garden.

Our skille 3D modelers transformed him into stunning rigged 3D ready to animate. We built him props like his trademark binoculars and hat and animated him searching for his friends.

Creating Reg's nine hidden animal pals

Our nine animal friends needed to be hidden all around the Garden, so we made custom rustling grasses to find them in.

We picked out a range of animals that reflect The Alnwick Garden’s mixed wild and farm heritage, from foxed and owls to pigs and chickens.

In augmented reality, explorers can tap on the grass to startle the animal out of hiding and find out who they’ve found. Each animal pops out with a fun custom animation.

Ready to make your own exciting augmented reality trails?