Transforming Rust-Oleum’s Little Stars into webAR 3D




Animated 3D webAR versions of the Little Stars

An easy, license-free webAR experience

Little Stars in webAR

To celebrate Rust-Oleum’s ‘Little Stars’ range of child-focussed paints, we transformed their signature cartoon characters into fun three-dimensional license-free webAR experiences.

The hardware and paint shopping experience is not always one children engage with, even when there are products designed for them. A webAR experience is the perfect way to help them feel more involved while choosing colours for their bedroom walls. It was vital to keep the experience as accessible as possible and minimise stumbling blocks for users. The Little Stars are available on almost any modern mobile device, right in the browser, letting users place them anywhere.

Each of the Little Stars has been created with a unique animated pose, so kids (and grown-ups) can act along to take fun photos and videos to share on social media.

"It’s the first time anything like this has been done in the EMEA paint market and the team at MAADIGITAL were fantastic to work with. They got the brief, worked within budget and timelines and did an incredible job – I would recommend them to anyone!"
Paul Waller
Marketing Director – Tor Coatings (Rust-Oleum)

Management with a microsite

We created a microsite at to make sure the Little Stars characters are easy to access and launch wherever Rust-Oleum customers are.

Simplicity was key – the microsite needed to be accessible across geographical regions without the added difficulty of managing dozens of different languages.

Using MAADIGITAL’s proprietary tracking techniques, built into the webAR launch code, Rust-Oleum can gauge a number of metrics – microsite visits, webAR launches, character popularity and more.