Enhancing Skincare with the Olay In-Store App



  • Advanced consultancy app
  • Bespoke product recommendations

Olay In-Store app for a busy brand, pressed for time

In-store staff need to be able to give product advice to consumers with a range of skin concerns. The brand is no stranger to using custom apps and software to help create the ideal skincare experience. Olay asked for a brand-new app to help experts provide perfect skincare for every woman.

Because of the demands of the job, consultants have to hit the ground running. They train on the shop floor, with little time for supervision. Therefore, they need to develop their knowledge of the brand’s history, ingredients and the science behind skincare quickly.

Olay Consultant workloads, optimised

MAADIGITAL created an in-store iOS and Android tablet app to manage consultant workload. The app features product descriptions, product recommendations and quizzes to help educate on skin issues. Above all, it acts as a point of reference for almost any customer question.

The app was launched in alongside Olay’s new moisturiser range, Whips.

  • In 78 countries
  • In 12 languages
  • Bespoke training system
  • Related product recommendations

Training the next generation of skin experts

The In-Store app contains an in-depth training tool. It ensures information and education are at the fingertips of every consultant.

The app includes a glossary of every ingredient present in the brand’s skincare products. There’s a timeline of Olay’s brand history, training quizzes and product demonstrations. It is the perfect tool to help train consultants or top up their knowledge with new skincare information.

  • Glossary
  • Training quizzes
  • Demonstration videos
  • Technique guides

Managing expanding product lines with a custom CMS

Because the Olay In-Store app uses MAADIGITAL’s custom CMS, Singlepoint Control, it is uniquely flexible.

Allowing quick and easy editing, uploading and linking of products and ranges, Singlepoint Control is a flexible content management solution. It lets Olay push updates quickly when new products are released.

  • Customisable CMS
  • Intuitive product upload and editing

Olay consultants are thrilled with how intuitive the app is. The similar products feature makes it really easy to recommend the best skincare options to customers.