Touchscreen UX for Palintest Kemio




Intuitive touchscreen user interface

Smart water sanitation UX

Kemio™ is a water disinfection analysis tool developed by Palintest, industry leader in water analysis technologies.

Designed to be used without specialist training, Palintest asked MAADIGITAL to create a clean, simple user experience, ensuring the UI was both informative and intuitive to use, and minimised potential pain points in the transition between LCD screens and buttons and the new touch-screen UX.

Bringing touch screen UX to water testing

Kemio was the first Palintest tool to incorporate a touch screen in place of keypads and buttons. Palintest asked for our help in developing the UX for the new system. The team consisted of scientists, business managers, coders, and product designers with an aim to deliver the finished product in 10 months. Due to the complexity and diversity of the user base, we decided on a user-centered design approach.

Palintest identified key testers in a range of environments worldwide – from the lab to in the field – and performed validation analysis to ensure local water testing standards were met.

The outcome was a functional solution designed through user-focused testing. The device can be operated by both low and high-skilled workers, meeting Palintest’s core KPI – to simplify disinfection monitoring.